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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money am I expected to bring into the country to start my business?

Currently there is no legislation nor an investment code which stipulates how much an investor is expected to bring into the country as contribution to the project. However financial institutions like BDC and NDB require a minimum of at least 25% of the total project cost from the investor. On the other hand, BEDIA asks investors to contribute as much as they can since that will demonstrate the investors's commitment to the project.

Is it compulsory for me to have a local partner?

Investors are not obliged to enter into partnership with local parties unless if they so wish. Hence the project can be 100% foreign owned if the investor wants it that way. It is however advisable to have local participation because locals know the local market very well. BEDIA can assist in terms of identifying potential local partners.

Will I be allowed to bring some skilled labour to Botswana to train local staff for a given time period?

Yes, it's allowed as long as there is proof that the skills the investor is bringing into the country is not locally available

Are there any tax holidays?

There is the Development Approval Order, which is available for investors for a period of 5 to 10 years. It's administered by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

What are the working hours in Botswana?

A nine-hour five day week or an eight hour six day week is normally observed. A break of at least 30 minutes must be given after five consecutive hours of work. A rest day of not less than 24 consecutive hours, normally including Sunday, must be given in every period of seven consecutive days.

What is the minimum wage in Botswana?

Trade/Industry New Statutory Hourly Wage Rate
1. Manufacturing, Service (Including security guard companies employing security guards) and repair trades P3.35
2. Building, construction, Exploration and Quarrying industries P3.35
3. Hotel Categories and Entertainment Trades P3.35
4. Garage, Motor Trade and Road Transport P3.35
5. Wholesale Distribution Trades P3.35
6.Retail Distributive Trades P2.90
7.Night Watchmen in the above trades P2.80

The new rates were payable effective 1st May 2006.

What is the impact of HIVĀ  in Botswana?

Government has been at the forefront in terms of fighting the scourge and presently affected people are given anti-retroviral drugs at the Government clinics and hospitals. In addition to this, there are some private companies who have followed suit in providing their employees with ARV's. These continued and extended programmes of HIV/AIDS prevention, control and education has actually led to an improved life expectancy in Botswana .

I have a commodity? I want to export, how can you assist in getting me a market?

  • Participating in Trade Fairs where BEDIA will provide logistical support for your freight and insurance costs of your exhibits to and from the exhibition place, as well as pay for your exhibition.
  • Agents periodically visit Botswana wanting to source certain products manufactured in Botswana. BEDIA takes them to factories, which satisfy their requirements.
  • Participation in contact promotion missions where BEDIA provides logistical support to companies who wish to participate.

I want to participate in the trade fair/Contact promotion mission you advertised what are the prerequisites?

  • Basic Export marketing plan have to be submitted
  • You have to demonstrate to us that you have the capacity in terms of labour and technology that your products are worth being introduced in international markets.
  • A site visit by BEDIA personnel to confirm you are in production is part of the requisites.
  • Certificate of Incorporation and manufacturing licence is a requirement.

What incentives are available for export oriented industries in Botswana?

  • Export credit guarantee scheme. Botswana Export Credit Insurance (BECI). The General Manager. Private Bag BO 279. Gaborone. Tel: +267 3188015 Fax: +267 3188017.
  • Duty-draw back facility. Department of Customs and Excise. The Director. Private Bag 102. Gaborone. Tel: +267 3922855 Fax: +267 3922781.
  • Rebate facilities. Department of Customs and Excise. The Director. Private Bag 102. Gaborone. Tel: +267 3922855 Fax: +267 3922781.
  • Duty free and quota free access; to the American market & European Union. Department of Customs and Excise. The Director. Private Bag 102. Gaborone. Tel: +267 3922855 Fax: +267 3922781.
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